Burn in the Flames of Love

Burn in the Flames of Love

Oh Fire Worshippers

Do you wish to burn in the flames of love?

Find the lovers in order to burn!

Their company shall alight the wick within

You too shall be set aflame

As Saadi said,

‘Learn love from the moth…’

In the realm of love

The souls are the object of concern

Gender is abolished

Reality is manifest

We only see, hear and feel love

Burn with its intensity

All else is dim

Anxious to become sober?

No shall be the reply.

Only pretend you are so.

Khaleel Allah too was set ablaze

Kaleem Allah witnessed

Habib Allah invited

He was and is One with the Flames of Love

The millenary fire of Persia burnt in Madness

Extinguished itself upon the arrival of its beloved

Oh Fire Worshippers!

Do you wish to burn in the flames of love?

Burn and become ashes!

Let heart remain lost in love





And when your senses are restored

All will seem a bizarre dream

Now relish its sweetness.

(Bedu July 09)

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