Fire and Water

Fire and Water

You pray for rain

We pray for fire

The land is dry

Our lips are parched

The earth has cracks

Our fountain dry


You pray for rain

We pray for fire

Prayers answered,

Rain has come

Prayers answered,

Torch is lit


We all rejoice.

Crops shall grow

Wisdom dawns

Rivers fill, rain continues

Fire burns; consuming us

Land comes to life

Our hearts revived

You eat and sleep

We burn night and day


Panting; we rush to the ocean

Our standard; Tsunami

She sets in

We enter like mad men

We dive, swim above and beneath

Float in peace

Fire sizzles

Flames extinguished

We enter a motionless world

A REAL utopia

Pin drop silence

Waves no more

No trace of I


The Sun handsomely  arrives

Seated upon His throne he shines

We turn to vapor

Instantly disintegrate

An awesome feat

A vanishing act

Vapors traverse up to heaven

Fill clouds with droplets of Love

Love falls as rain



You prayed for rain?

Thank fire!


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