City of Light

The City of Light


The mellow wind of this city

Has left an impression like no other

Its trees disheveled, humbly sway, dance shyly

Unlike its brethren who stand prim, proper, and tall

All contained within it has been set a limit

Except for thee; for you no limit!

Cars, cats, traffic, wind, sun, heat and cold

Our decibel levels too affixed

Where sound dare not exceed max pitch

All programmed to behave

An indescribable balance

Attuned by heavenly controls

A musical maestro’s symphony of love

Arrive empty handed

We visit thee in yearning and love

All flock to thee seeking salutations

Convey our peace

Humbled by your presence

Your Love and Light

A heavenly garden…

Speak in shallow voices

Sing praises to thee

Recite couplets of love to love

Tears shed

Hearts trickle droplets of honey

Playing our inner notes

Hearts dance to this silent reed

A rendition heard by none save You

Await your aid through a world unseen

Through you we seek refuge to all Divine blessing

For you are one equal to none

None like you nor ever shall come!

Your silence is sweet and comforting

Your presence is driving lovers mad

Your speech is melodious

Heard by the faculty flooded with yearning

Day and night in your remembrance

These lovers live only to hear your praise

If not for thee, no reason for ‘BE’

Breathe in and out all for your sake

Light from Light

Annihilated in the One.

Let us love all which comes from thee

Part of you

Flesh from you

Contains your blood

Those pillars of light

Perhaps if we die in love for them

For your sake and surely His

You’ll gift us with grace and gaze

Let us begin this journey today

Shall we suggest you seek his friends?

Lovers, servants, knower’s and friends

Travelers without a guide

Are followers of religion without a Prophet!

Once you’ve sought they’ll hold your hand

Travel with you where you dare shall not

Bring you where you wish to go

Take you to the unknown territory

The secret place…

The stations most sought…

Where time and space shall utter not

Where the select visit from time to time

Some return while others remain,

Mad lovers, friends and companions

Oh Tayba, Oh Munawarrah

Oh dwelling place of the Most Beloved

We love you for the sake of him!


Ya Yasin, Ya Sadiq

Ya Ahmad, Ya Hamid, Ya Mahmood,

Ya Jaddil Hassani wal Hussain

Ya Mawla Thaqalain, Ya Abil Qasim

Ya Aba Zahra

Ya Mohammed ibn Abdillah

Ya Qaaba Qawsaini

Light from Light of Allah

We love you for the sake of everything!

Oh sleeping nation whose description of him is like a dream

Come back to Tayba and reaffirm your pledge

As for those who seek nearness unto the most distinguished Light

Send praise to him, his family and companions!

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