Worry Not

Worry Not

 Those we love, ran away

In that love, I’ve gone astray

In that love, I’ve lost my way

In that love, I’ve found my way


Do not forget, I’m from Hussain*

We live for love, our only game


His father said,

The’ Loyalists’ shall remain

Worry not, for you are sane

We’re with you and feel this very pain

We do support you

No pain, no gain

You’re from our lot

So worry not!


Now drink again from Haider’s cup*

And share with those who want good luck


For those of you who ran away

Think not that I’ve gone astray

For now I’ve come to realize

Our meeting; a blessing in disguise


Our destiny; to meet and depart

In the process, you entered my heart

We fused and exchanged what we both sought

Gifts and treasures, lessons taught

Then both of us had to depart


I guarantee we’ll meet again

If not here, then in Eve’s garden

The meeting place for all true men;

Mustafa, Habib, Sadiq’s* fountain!


We’ll drink again from Haider’s cup

And sip with those who shared this luck.





Hussain=Grandson of Mohammed

Haider= (Ali) Son n law of Mohammed through whom the progeny of Mohammed multiplied

Mustafa, Habib, Sadiq (Titles of Mohammed)

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