Anxiety My Hidden State

Anxiety;  My Hidden State


Anxiety has become my hidden state

Come feel my heart..It beats ecstatically

Like a blitz you’ve swirled and  tossed me into Arcadia

Drenched me with wine

Into the Ocean of Eternia


Like Shems, are you too part of this conspiracy?

Of disappearance

An unbearable feat for ME!

Test me not for I know not how

to bear this departure graciously


Through you I found ME

A well devised plot or mockery?

I wonder with anxiety

If I’m the one to pity


You’ve abandoned me to fend solely in this vicious labyrinth

Wherein donkey’s bray and snakes contrive

Where dead souls copulate, graze and reside

I seek that Eden we flew to and fro each day

Where I know you patiently await from this very day!

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