I have yet to eat

My appetite no more!

Bismillah Bismillah

I  sleep like a feline

never in deep slumber!

Bismillah Bismillah

It is this love that has taken over

burning in anguish, in pain and pleasure!

Bismillah Bismillah

Too many souls, too many hearts

all hun-gry for love!

Bismillah Bismillah

We wish to set them all on fire

We wish to help them taste the sweetness!

Bismillah Bismillah

What shall I do? Where shall I go?

I’ve gone mad-yet appear to be sane!

Bismillah Bismillah

Those  mad in love

shall see through my pretense!

Bismillah Bismillah

We wait for you to come and join us

in a venture,  witnessed by the heavens!

Bismillah Bismillah

Prove you love to spread this love

for the sake of the Most Beloved!

Bismillah Bismillah.

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