Friends of the Way

Friends of the Way


I found you along the way

We’ve shared and discussed our heart’s dismay

Through your company bolted doors were made ajar

As Zulaikha’s passion, as Shirazi or Attar


A version of white sorcery

Your silence in friendship was surely no trickery!

As I burnish and rays strengthen

The lotus in you begins to open

Our bond increases

You begin to share, to unveil

The Secret Stare

You turn and begin to burn- while I glare

We take turns to burn

Is it an irony that we feel the same?

No! Surely this is truly a lovers’ game


In a shower of gentle raindrops

We dance in puddles of reflection

Surrounded by His mysterious protection

Unaware of  who is who



Friend- Lover

Lover -Friend

Loved- Beloved

Beloved- Loved


Gaze down now to view the reflection

A peek at the height of  love’s perfection

I see Me

You see You

We see Him

How could this be?

As in reality we only see ONE imagery!

We’ve unlocked the key to our own Mystery

Our Unity

The Truth WE see

Not Blasphemy.

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