Man at the Gate

The Man at the Gate

The similitude of the ‘Man at the Gate’

Is indeed like the chosen son of Abraham

The modern day sacrficial son

Chosen to carry on the way of the Hanifs

Today is his day of sacrifice

Today the winds of change shall be set forth

Today the tables will turn this way

Today Lights and Rays of Truth shall donn

A new era, a new calling, a new horizon!

Souls of Light shall be gathered

Men of Truth shall be  prepared;

sent forth, empowered by Grace and Gaze

Like Jesus on the Cross

You’ve taken our pain, guilt and shame

Like Ishmael the brave and obedient son

You are the Bashful Hashemite Shareef

Upholding Truth like your forefathers

The Pride of this land

The son of Haramain

A man of unsurpassed presence

Possesing the staff of Moses

The cloak of Joseph

The Crown of Mustafa

A Flag Bearer of Truth

From the sons of Ali

Established truth like Al Hussain.


Your surgery incomprehesible to us all

Unknown to majority

A heavenly calculation at the precisest moment in history

Foreshawdowing a harvest like none before

The decree from the court of Crown of Creation

Shall now be seen and set in motion.

Thank you our Jesus

Thank you our Ishmael

Thank you our ‘Man at the Gate”

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