Of Men are Two

Of Men are Two


I’ve removed my garments

And let you peek in

I’ve expressed myself

From innermost within

I’ve cut a slice

Most dear to me

And shared with you

In exclusivity


I’ve never asked to be ‘let in’

To have a peek of your place within

For this was and never will

Be the reason for reciprocity

Yet if you did I’d consider it generosity

But surely this is not my aim

Or even a curiosity


Rarely men have such ability

To love and express in words eloquently

I do conclude that men are two

Those who think and others who feel

Surely the latter is my ideal!

What good is intellect without a feel?

Likened to a saltless meal!


The only way to comprehend..

Open your heart and let love tend..

Let love be your honored guest

For the path of Love is full of tests

Seat her on your finest interior

Where heart rules and mind inferior

All your senses shall be revived

A feeling well considered prized

I’ve slept over this many a time

To find the truth hidden in rhyme

This talk we speak is heart to heart

Shall we hold hands and continue our walk?


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