When your presence has been lifted

Whilst you are amongst men

And you are placed in seclusion

by inevitable forces

You are forced to keep aloof

All contact broken;

near dear and friends of the Way

a mighty cave where all seems dark.






Howling winds

Faint whispers

Despairing thoughts


This niche beholds a magic lantern

Withholding immense light

Light for your soul

Mysteries for the heart

The beloved retreated

To the cave of Light;


For he was called,

‘The chosen one’

An invitation from the Lord of the heavens

To receive the greatest of all of Trusts

Now cherish your seclusion.


A blessing

Divine mercy

Select souls must retreat

From time to time

To gather

Recollect, receive

And prepare to transmit;

The Sacred Trust.


Be at peace in the cave

For this was never meant to last forever.

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