The Eternal Wedding

We Wed in Eden!

Is Love the hardest thing to let go of?

A rank more exalted than a Lion’s Heart?


When your love is solely for soul’s sake;

When your love is for Light’s sake

To love Its beauty, an endless mystery

Know this is Real Love,

Eternal Love.


In that Love you see yourself, the Light and multi reflections

Know nothing but Love

Blinded by it

Name it Supreme

Then rest  assured;

Your soul has ‘wed’

‘Letting go’ is temporary divorce;

An earthly separation.


The soul has family

Close and distant

All related through the Spirit

Through rays of Light,

Beams of Love.


Dismiss the physical separation!

This is an order


Establish real connection of heart and soul;

The secret of eternal communication

The path to constant presence with no such thing as letting go!


This wedding was an eternal ceremony

A Grand Wedding unlike the rest

A marriage to last till time infinity

All guests in attendance,

Your real family

Wed in spirit

solemnizing eternal vows

In the Garden of Eden they drank and rejoiced

On earth they reminiscence that joyous occasion

Each member met represents another anniversary!

All made aware, ‘We all were there’

All mutually longing eternal company once again.


Ultimately you shall realize

No separation between Us

No You or Me

But We were One

From  time infinity

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