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Tears of Blood

Tears of Blood


Built by Angels as the House of Ateeq,

Then by Adam

Marked by Abraham’s feet

The Holy Kaba was built, and built again

The symbol of Monotheism, the Secret of Human

A sign of unity and for the worship of One

The direction of Hymn for all under the Sun

She is our symbol

She stood in the barren valley with conviction

Persevering under all extreme condition

Her family the Hanifs

Her religion their Peace (Islam)

Yet do we realize..

That She was skillfully placed

Amongst the Valley of Bekkah

To be protected by the Mountains of Makkah.

The gracious Desert surrounding her,

Yet fertile as “Stop Flowing, Stop Flowing” by the Sigh of Hajer

She stood with this family for even longer

Her love for them, her attachment..

Likened to Mother Earth

Today she cries blood

Her ancient family has been snatched,

Call it rape or murder

The worst brutalities in her history..

She sees it all

She witness all this

It is happening now

Yet she is silent

Her language is ancient unknown to most

Shedding tears of blood

Heralding Divine Mercy,

Likened to none other than Noah’s flood


Her heart has been pierced akin to genocide’ How dare they commit these injustices’

‘My natural family, what’s happened to them?’

Who is listening, who is to defend this onslaught against my honor?

Surely this is the sign of the Final Hour!

So She sent her armies,

Who are silent, sincere and loyal

To seek her Imam who is most royal

Abraham’s descendants

Her spiritual Stewarts

“Lee elafi Quraysh”

Like the Ababeel,

The Awliya, the Nuqabah, the Nujabah,

The Ruqbah and Budala,

The Awtad and Al Aqtaab,

All Her Men,

With Her Cry She Summons

Labaik! They reply the era is nigh

For this House to wipe

Her tears of blood dry.


Heavenly Kiswa

Heavenly Kiswa

Oh how I yearn to see Mecca’s night sky

A heavenly covering adorning the sacred sanctity

Softer than velvet; ebony’s envy

Silvery stars embossed onto the mystique black chador

Bait ul Mamur has generously allowed us a glimpse

A glint rather through the radiant lit sky

Opaque to some, transparent to others

Imaginations soar perceiving

As angels rotate

Birds emulate

Mortals imitate

Lost in His love, a cosmic trance

A universal dance of heaven and earth.

You praise the Kiswa  made by His servants?

Look high above

Cosmic beauty at its peak

A heavenly Kiswa  visible to all, second to  none!

Keeper of the Secret

Keeper of the Secret

In a land where free speech is against the norm, one is forced to keep their beliefs secret

These convictions linger in the heart anxious to be let out..

Yet they are sealed within this marvellous chamber

Belief is strengthened, hearts are engraved

One seems to think herself as a ‘keeper of a great secret’

Wherever the keeper goes, the secret is gently diffused

Likened to a faint aroma of a beautiful essence

Only when like souls meet, a deep ecstasy is felt sharing the secret.. unable to withhold

These souls depart yet long to reunite once again

Amongst the masses they pose to be like the rest in belief and conduct

Their hearts are elsewhere; in a land far off

Will a time come, where all will be free to express..

Until so..They continue in silence

Their only regret..

To reveal the secret to the one who is unfit

A great mistake indeed

Their secret is love.

Bulls-eye and Archer

Bulls-eye and Archer

The skill full archer sought its target

So many to choose from

He desired only this one

When his arrows were shot

Bull’s eye it was!


Arrows exhausted

Barrel empty

He retreats to the mighty fort

Head down

Downcast eyes

Heart dismayed


Suddenly, his name is sung in a heavenly melody

He turns back in utter delight

The target comes to life!

In the image of his beloved

‘My arrows hoped to reach your heart,

yet little did I imagine this to manifest,’ says he.

‘Well, my chosen one,’ she sings,

‘Did you not see my eyes through the same bulls-eye?’

‘Verily I sought you first,

You were my target.’

‘All these years my gaze of love was on you!’

‘Only now you’ve turned My way!’




The expulsion of beauty from a poet’s lips is akin to the labor of love.

Without Love and Pain how can we comprehend the joy of birth?

The production of wine has begun!

Fruits carefully selected and pressed;

Feelings ferment in the poet’s heart

Stored in the quarto barrel

Turn to wine in the mortal cellar


Corks unscrewed by select tasters

Connoisseurs await eagerly






Sipped in regal goblets…

Each line drenched in the spirit of the Wine

Every letter a drop

Every word a sip

Drink, Drink!

Let the wine soak into each cell



Let it flow through your blood

Each vein a heavenly river

Gushing with urgency

Carrying Laila’s message speedily to the Divan;

The sacred chamber for all mankind.

Where Heaven and Earth reside

Where Love and Sorrow intermarry

A Darbar where secrets manifest

A traveller’s refuge

A seekers retreat

A lounge for discreet affairs

A monastery for the devoted ones

A drunkard’s haven

Now seat Laila’s love

Upon reserved seats

Ferment them like Majnoon did

When the New Wine is ready


With Every Sip Your Name

With Every Sip Your Name


I see you in every street and alley.
Your fragrance lingers in my memory,
chases, and enchants my senses
Your love is overflowing;

an endless waterfall

Every beauty exposes your face

With every sip; your name is mentioned

I see you in every street and alley…

Breathe into Me

Breathe In Me

Oh spirit of my wine

Breathe into me

Breathe so I may inhale your spirit

I crave silence and only desire breath

All else diminshed

Your breath is the carrier

the essence of your spirit;

the wine for my soul.