Shame on You

Shame on you

Oh wretched one

A disgrace to Mohammed

The chosen one



Shame on you

Oh Transgressor

Verily to Mohammed

You are the oppressor



Shame on you

Oh those who kill

In the name of Mohammed

at their own will



Shame on you

Oh scum of earth

By the Truth of Mohammed

You shall not hurt



Shame on you

Oh blackened soul

Peace brought by Mohammed

His desired goal



Shame on you

Black flags you raise

Our guide is Mohammed

For Islam you disgrace



Shame on you

Chanting God is Great

By the sigh of Mohammed

Doom is your fate



Shame on you

Oh curse to humanity

By the grace of Mohammed

You bring woe to morality



Shame on you

From the depths of hell

By the purity of Mohammed

Religion you sell



Shame on you

Beards and turbans in his name

By the honour of Mohammed

You bring us to shame



Date: Jan 28/2016

Location: Sinai Peninsula

Copyright Zulaikhasdeevan

Poet: Zulaikha

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