Your Breath The Ocean

Through breath
These vapours I inhale
The morning dew
I kiss the dew
cold and pure
pure reflection
of myself
through you
I taste the sweetness on my lips
I drink each droplet
cells absorb
each drop from light
In hope for more
Your spirit I crave
Give me more!
waves crash upon my heart
Ahura Mazda!
Fire lit
Athena’s gaze!
fuels the fire
Sherazade appears!
This is dramatic
recede in silence
The ocean a dance
she enchants
seduction’s envy
a spirit samba
a lover’s game
Fana and Baqa
a yearning
to intrude
to be drawn in
to immerse as ONE
I anticipate  the shore
every wave
pursuing TOUCH
revive me
seeking the ocean’s GAZE
to cast a glance
grace me at once
hold this hand
and retreat
back into thee with thee
Moon glares intensely
observing the mortal and Divine shadow dance
This silhouette transfixed upon the glorious orb
lovers beneath behold in adoration
this art divine
man and HU
Hu Man

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