Shattered in the Name of Ishq

Devastation through bitter -sweet condiments

Walk over broken crystal

where wine and glass lay together

Shattered and spilt in the name of Ishq

Smile and say love is not a subtle argument?

This ishq has poisoned the lover

This ashiq slain

I blame you

The physicians gaze is the cure

distraction the cause of this death

lover and beloved bloodied stains

immersing deeper into the poison

Who gave you this drink asks Majnu

Laila’s Majnu, Majnu’s Laila

none else!

This silence peirces my heart

You bring pain

Increasing the poison


Stop these games

devastation is familiar

I seek not pain

From Ash to life

I came from death

To live once again

A skeptic lover despising conspirers

Melt my heart, then depart?

Leave now if you plan not to stay

As the raw pain I prefer now

to fermented pain of tomorrow

The shattered glass;

A lover’s heart

Broken through the mirror

Mortal reflection


Who once gazed

Distracted once again

Pierce the arrow now

This forest full of fawns

Seek quarry elsewhere

Laila one of many

I’m not of the forest

I’m not game

I am Laila’s Laila

I sense Shams’s fragrance

His wine in you

I despise every Shams

From the land of Tebrez

So leave me now

Shams comes to break and shatter

Me a foolish prey

The game of mirrors

I would give my life for

Clever now to know you  too shall depart

I seek refuge in Ishq

Through the eternal

As mortal betrays every lover

Do you too play this game?

I seek eternal

Are you eternal?

Or a mirage

A fleeting love

Seasonal insanity


Consumed by Ishq’s fire

Under the full moon

We merge

We seek We

Strangers at dawn


One in One eternally


I seek to gaze at the moon

Not at a gazer with a wandering eye

Hungry and thirsty

Who sips from every stream and river


I seek the moon

The moon seeks me







I seek a devoted heart

A loyalist like Hussain

Divine love at it’s peak

God is a jealous lover

So am i

Remain if you are here to stay

If not leave now


Your love has consumed me

Your wine

Your being

Your gaze

Your lips

Your smile

Your laughter

Your voice

Your breath my elixir


You the wine

The wine You

I fear this wine

Through total Fana

Saqi and the drunk are one

Yet i seek reflection

So to gaze at you

Fana causes disappearance

Then saqi no more!

No gazing

No moon

No lover

No beloved


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