Seeds of Doubt

Once the seeds of doubt enter the heart scape

No amount of love is sufficient
Doubt waters the seeds of doubt
Tarnishing the metallic beam of love
After all that was exchanged
That one glance of doubt
Is all it took
To shatter it all
Ego breaks the heart
Heart breaks not the ego
This heart now in abyss
Wonders at its crime
Love she accuses
If pure love fails to be grasped
Then may every idol within shatter
May the idols of doubt be broken
For doubt polluted my beloved’s heart
Casting doubt
Creating a distance unlike ever
Premonition of devastation
To satisfy the doubful self
The mirror who loved unconditionally
Is forced to leave this divaan
As spots blemish the mirror
Marks of doubt
Unable to see, feel or recieve love
As once before
That purity I reminisce
Of the mirror which beheld pure reflection
Doubt free
pure heart
Doubt free
Who glanced with the gaze of ishq
Beheld through a the inner eye
Heart rules over mind
Doubt reverses this equation
The heart tainted with whispers
Conspiring doubts about the gazer
Gazer dismayed
Seeking the moonlight
Beholding the moonlight
So not to forget
The cherished purity
Ruined by doubt
Was this too real to grasp
I am not as your previous
I am not like your past
I am the future
I am the now;
The present your heart sought
My heart unmatched
Nor understood
As long as doubt remains
This journey continues to seek the moon
Two oceans brought to merge
So to reflect the moon’s beautiful glory
To embrace and spread light
Impossible to carry on where doubt pollutes us
We sought We
Doubt broke me
Doubt stung me
Pierced me
In silence I retreat
With no expectation
I’m not the friend who betrayed you
The guide who deceived you
The mentor who broke you
The Trustee who exposed you
Used you
Enslaved you
The kin who stabbed you
The womb who disowned you
The heartless bystander
The silent skeptic
All teachers of Love
I am a lover
Unlike EVER
I am you
You doubt you!
Who are we?
We are we
Betray not thee
For I am you
You me
Feel me
Through heart
Know me
Through heart
I you
You me
Reject yourself through yourself
Betray yourself through doubt
Cry not
The mirror broken
I wish to stay
But not where doubt remains guest
Doubt is oil to water
I pure water
Doubt’s envy
Her sworn enemy
Choose me or choose doubt
Choose you
be free
My love
Be wise
Not foolish
Broken mirror
Break not further
Sleepless reckless
That moon could betray this way
Cool waters I seek in my moon confidante
To heal this pain
Through light
Through gaze

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