Loyal Lover

The moth is a loyal lover

her gaze is fixated on the flame
she yearns for the flame
her heart burns for the flame
she seeks no other reflections which add fuel to her desire for the flame
she is a loyal lover
she desires the flame
it’s light, Nur and warmth
the flame is love
the flame is source
her gaze fixed
her heart’s qibla: the flame
she is a monotheist
a monogomist
a devoted Ashiq
she desires to merge with the flame
and only the flame
everything beyond the flame, a veil
the flame only wants a devoted lover
not a wanderer
when I merge with the flame
I only visualise the flame
her gaze
her voice
her words
her breath
her sweetness
her everything
her touch
her whisper
her laughter
her smile
I only desire her
I seek not any stimulants
she is the stimulant
she is the arousal
she excites my spirt
why would I look elsewhere?
she is the wine
my gaze fixed
my heart on her
I want her
she is the flame
she alights my heart
she is the fire
pulsating within
spirit in spirit
seeking none but her
merge with me

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