I wish

To know you, to know me
To discover you, to discover me
To explore you, to explore me
Let’s explore hidden secrets together
We seek unconditional love
Shall I whisper that into your heart
Feed me more of you
Drinking you by thoughts
By the night as it conceals all lovers
By the day as it exposes all hearts
I swear by the light of the day
My love for you is ethereal
I was sworn into a love contract and chose you as my wine
Pre eternally, in the realm of souls
You and I pledged to Wadud
Remove all veils
Join me here beneath your own skin
Spirit-words yearning for union
Beneath the covers
Just you and I
In unison
Light a witness
Light present
Pupils meet
Cosmic dance
Melting essence with omniscient light
Children of light come forth
Armies of heavenly flowers
Parading everywhere diffusing the fragrance
Alighting souls
Look into my eyes
I seek a cosmic dance with you
And so are your sudden moments of silence
The silence between the laughter
The silence when Alicia speaks
The silence sparks curiosity
While listening to the silence
Silence became jealous of itself
My thirst seeks to drink from The Ocean of Unity
Your waters, the same

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