Sin Became the Deed

Let’s play all day and all night
No sleep no slumber
Just play
Let us meet there every moment
Ecstatic we rejoice
in the name of Love
Where no separation exists
This field where souls subsist
We are there now
Close your eyes
so that I may play in your laughter

Forbidden love percieved as sin

Sin became the deed
Deed became worship
Worshipping love brought us home
From Love we come and to Love we return
Cycle complete
This field desires wild and erratic spirits
Naked truths
Transparent souls
Those who lay prey to all beasts
I wish to lay bare in this field
Every lover a delight to every lover
Select one for one
Let’s gaze in sun and shade
Devoured by love
Victims of love
Come tear my heart apart
Come dissect me
This heart engraved by the Ashiq’s art
You the artist
Lie down
Take my heart
And do your magic
Ishq is Fire
Fire is Ishq
I love you as fire loves fire
Fire loves itself
And burns through itself
I burn in you
We burn in we
A lover said,
I crave to hear you speak
While I listen motionless
Engaging in your words
Voice duffuses into my being
Words disappear
Music remains
Your voice heavenly
Making love to your lyrics
Subtly with passion
As you pour yourself
into my goblet
I drink you
The laugh that delights both sun and moon…
the laugh that calms raging waters
Urge to hear your laugh
The one that comes straight from the depth
your luminous heart

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