Dance to Your Voice

I would dance to your voice in secret and open
Make love to love beneath the cherry blossom
Dive from a cliff into the deep Ocean
Swim with dolphins to a land called love
Recluse in a cove with cool aqua waters
where mermaids and hooris sing and lament the song of Zulaikha
Where both heaven and earth intermarry
feasting in visual delights
Sip from the wine of Qum
A caller whispers, Alicia take a sip
Bewitched by her heavenly voice
Who art thou?
Hoor or motal?!
I am both, I am all
I am heaven I am earth
I am sun I am moon
I am land I am sea
I am you
You are me
Come, let’s sip together and make merry
Do away with all
Just you and me.

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