Doubt is the Affair

While I would wake up early
At a time where nobody would dare to disturb me
Silence and myself engage
I think of
That time and space where we connect
Early morning
Late night
Your sleep in abyss
I speak to
For you I would crawl out of bed
Only to arrive at yours
Coming home to heart
My soul in love with
You close one door
and another
How cruel
Your sudden uturns
Of eerie silence
Doubts increase
Speech is dumbed
I talk to
In empty words
The shawdows you inquire of
Are right here between us
The veils between
These shadows called doubt
Doubt has separated two
You allowing her entry
Doubt is the affair
Infidelity personified
Choose me or choose
That a soul is either loyal or not
No third degree
Just this or that
Just black or white
Grey exists not
I loyal
Your heart concurs
Mind, your enemy
Befriended doubt
A fierce Storm
sets in
Raging wind
Choose me or choose
Playing heart games
Stop this madness
The Queen seeks
Checkmate me
I checkmate
Russian politics
Eastern love affair
A tantric dance
Of soul and heart
A Zen monastery
I seek peace
Me fire
You water
You the flame
I the moth
A yin yang dance
Shall I seduce you once more
The door is shut
Doubt your watchman
Dismiss him from service
I slay doubt
A bloody duel
Beheading doubt
I seek Kremlin
A peacock throne
The Shahs of Persia
award me wine
This court royal for hearts like
For hearts like
Let’s have a duel
Loyalty vs Doubt
Indeed I won
It is too late
In the game
No victory
Defeat’s defeat
Loyalty proclaimed
defend me not
with swords and battles
I a lone warrior
Known to hearts
Defend me not!
Leave doubt and this lover
To themselves
Let them be
Alone in eachother
Like oil and water
A mismatched couple
Let them be
Again this jouney to beyond the beyond
With thyself, the mirror a mirage!
Embrace your reflection
The reality is you with
You in you.

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