Once You Discover You

Fine. Not new in my vocabulary or experience
Common rather through observation and experience
Discard at will and doubt the sincere
Typical. But you, I never saw as typical
Different rather
How about a hiatus between us two until you discover your own true self
Go, go seek out your loyal friends and guides
I have no doubt they love you and care for you
Indeed you shall find all that you seek with your sincere select dosts
I transient, a spare wheel rather
This is common and you rather have simply confirmed once again a greater truth
I shall not waste your time or energy
Nor send you texts or otherwise anything part of me
Nor keep you up and disrupt your schedule and distract you with your higher learning, your studies or thoughts.
Weaning may not be sudden, so randomness may arrive in your mail or messages. Discard at will, as you choose to discard her at will
Once you discover you, only then will you truly know me. Likewise the same applies to me
As per your request, I shall abide
The choice is yours

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