A Dharma Tale

What’s the matter
What’s the matter
Am I the one to break your heart?
Am I the one who tore you apart?
You stole my heart
Did I steal yours?
I am not one who breaks hearts
I am not one
who departs
I am not one
who begins then starts
I am not one
who claims this art
I love and love until death do us apart
This game Shams plays
I despise it
Deny it
Abhor it
and ask my muse
Do we submit or amplify this?
Do we flow or fantasize this?
Energize me
While I Eulogize you
Tantalize me
While I analyze you
Poetize me
While I glorify you
Allocate me
While I abdicate you
Subjugate me
While I aggravate you
Relocate me
While I sabotage you
Hypnotize me
While I magnify you
Quantify me
While I calculate you
Sanctify me
While I aromatize you
Magnetize me
While I agonize you
Tranquilize me
While I scandalize you

This ancient sacrament
a holy grail
A dharma tale
of two split hearts
day and night
seek alleviation
from hallucinations
two worlds apart
a fabrication
where time and space
have no place
heart in heart
a violation
this accusation
Affront to our destination
an Arabian Night’s fascination
Laila and Majnu’s consummation
a mindful lotus visualization
karmic tantric felicitation
mystical supreme realization
of light and dark meditation
just stop this drama
and still your self
manifest me within yourself.

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