A Soul Contract is Due

Greetings dear friend of the spirit
This message is heart to heart
I have a mission and you crossed my path
I am carrying a burden
A soul contract is due
My promise to this soul who soars the seen and unseen realm
This promise long overdue
But gestation is a stage
Necessary to birth
A midwife arrived saying she was sent from Fatima
I am
to assist in this birth
To assist in this mission
we shall dispel ignorance
with my talent
Us seas apart
yet mission One
You in the West
Me in the East
vision one
Let’s birth together
while Mary and Fatima rejoice
Rumi oversees our work
his promise in tact
You my daughter
Worry not!
you two are only vessels
Think not it’s you
rather we are sending light upon light
in this labor of love
for the love of all humanity
We see you both fit
Now come forth and carry out the work
While we assist!
Abundance is our promise
The heaves bear witness
Poverty exists not
A lover is never poor
She is rich
wearing robes of silk
Her being perfumes the world
With Amber and Frankinsece
This is honor
believe in our promises
We are caring for you
now is the time
The world awaits
let’s dispel the darkness
through words from
A lover’s well.

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