Archive | September 2019

A Heart for an Eye

Purify me in your presence 

Amplify we with your Grace

For every stone hurled

a dozen roses

This slander

a million fold smiles

a heart  for an eye

water to simmer fire

skeptical whispers

returned in praise

pain unknown 

where I lives not

this is pure bliss 

please resume your lies 


Breathing In You

Breathing in you. 

Breathing out you. 

Every breath..Hu.

You Told me About Love

You have a natural tendency to stand out wherever you appear

and while standing out 

I realized it wasn’t you 

only your light

which shines so bright

You told me about love

You told me about me

about we 

that place in absence of I 

Disassociate as Giver 

We are simply sharing gifts

that are given

It was given

to be given

more shall be given

to those who keep giving 

I Remembered When I Forgot

She is the moon

appearing in many forms

I praise her light 

I bow in submission 

captivated and enslaved 

to this magnificent light being

Oceans apart. I miss your heart. 

Breathe in the longing. There you’ll find me.

So you may stone me and find me standing there.

I wouldn’t even try to dodge nor retaliate.

I will just be. That’s all.

As I forgot who I was

I remembered 

emptying and refilling

absence beckoned presence 

seeing all as nothing 

nothingness as all

the dot became manifest 

as all became the dot

truth disappeared

in order to reappear

Summoned by the Cube


by the Cube

on a full moon effulgence 

to pay homage to her grandson

a disheveled arrival 

at the feet of Jalal and Qadir

taking refuge in an ancient chain 

a pledge witnessed Al Mujtaba

by order of Al Muntazir

This crucification

A resurrection  

Death to life

Life to death

I desired to access your being

so I studied your words

they revealed what your lips failed to convey

As Moses upon Tur, I seek not presence

rather your words 

through what You revealed 

upon tablets and parchment 

This revelation as love letters to every beloved apparent and secret

I desired to access your beloved

So I studied her words

Essence, My Concern


my concern

not your form, or even name

this awareness time eternal

a language beyond words

transmission without sound

this love unconditional 

an affinity without association 

a friendship like no other 

a fraternity without a lodge

an invisible matrix

light work beyond borders

a spiritual collective

Love is The Law

the Guide seeks you

come as you are