A Dotted Destiny

I’ve penned my pages

soaring through ages 

meeting with sages

transforming fantasy 

documenting alchemy 

in a land called Fatimi 

a dotted destiny

. you and me

screened back to WE

as iconic subjectivity

of bloodlines and monarchy

embracing one reality;

Nur Muhammadi

The cosmos shifted 

Hijaz uplifted

demanding attention

subjugating retention

resisting false notion

of fallen stars 

cosmos afar

life on Mars

melancholic mystics

handwoven heretics

Persian semantics

Arabian nations

now pay attention 

to the moons of Banu Hashem 

preparing a forthcoming

for the King of Men

By the commencement of the dot

By the stroke of a brush

By the glance of a beloved 

By the love in this heart

By the desire envisioned by mind

I change the course of history

by this very power of Be and it is.

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