A Thousand Nights, A Thousand Months

Night of Power 

a thousand days 

a thousand nights

a thousands months

what difference does it make

I’ve waited all my life

I sought Qadr 

and found you

this transition from inception to physicality

awaiting its dawn

Illuminate me

I sought you 

night of power

angels descend

on the eve of your arrival 

in awe of this resplendence 

I bow emulating palms

as teasing clouds 

we seek your shade

light upon light

shadowless being

Master of all men

whirling in trance 

a ceremonial dance

your fragrance enchants

celebrating Meem 

we seek Al Qadar

my mantra is you

a lofty love letter

surpassing all scriptures



a final scripture was summoned
a superb love letter

Gabriel’s delight
Hira’s pride 

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