My Imam Our Imamu


Maqtal Imam Hussain 

Howling winds of a desert sky

Pin drop silence, I hear children cry

In a thirsty camp, Zainab’s sigh

My Hussain  Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

An eerie silence of sorrowful stars

Screeching winds heard afar

Resounding hooves rupture stillness

Plagued savages of metaphysical illness

Panting breaths of a desolate landscape

Ruqqiah clings to Rabab’s ravished cape

Seventy two heartbeats drum in unison

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Every grain witnesses pain

Tigris and Kufa weep in shame

Skies shed tears of crimson rain

Abbas’ limbs dismembered and slain

Water for enfants his sole aim

His flag has risen so to remain

All in worship, not questioning why

Heads bowed to Him, The Most High

Tomorrow our destiny to valiantly die

Yazid’s triumph, a colossal lie

An constant chorus resounds our hearts

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Night descends, loyalists huddle

Dimmed lanterns, an empty suckle

Aal e Muhammad’s dauntless struggle 

Baby Asghar, Ismail’s pride

Shahr Banu, an enviable bride

Sajjad son of royal hegemony

Saviour to Hussain’s noble progeny

Devotional prayers

The Imam leads

Sukayna witnessess, her heart pleads

Father, may I join you- I your steed

On the Eve of Ashura

As witnessed by Aal Tatheera

Hur with the forty initially forceful

Guilt and shame repenting remorseful 

Accedes to submission

Mawla Janem forgive us of omission 

Consciousness sharpened to finest precision 

Awakend humanity a Divine decision

Men and Women of unattainable glory

Karbala etched as an epic grand story

History stained with Hassan’s Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Sunset pursued by a sacred sermon

silent please with meditative hymns

Fifty four devotees upon unswerving limbs

Eighteen members from Banu Hashim

A mark of unrivalled chivalry

Eternally dissolved misery

Echoing Labbaik all for His sake

Love we claim never to forsake

This life but one

For you Janem 

A thousand and one a thousand and one!

Tears of hunger to desperate cries

Reverberating aloud a million sighs

A bloodied baby 

retuned to his mother

Joining the ranks

Of his elder brother

Father cry not as you meet with this fate

We await you with Haider at heaven’s gate

In ecstasy you fought like The Lion of God

Assisted by Habib and the Zulfiqaar

Al Zahra lamented with every arrow

My son whose death brings me sorrow

This last breath a victorious tomorrow

Your death is humanity’s forgotten victory

Inked in history you are truth’s legacy

You shifted the cosmos forever eternally.


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