These Dreams

These dreams

destined means

manifesting forbidden illusions

transmuting societal delusions

of tossed notions and false potions

summoned sickness 

mental illness 

dopamine deficiency

addicted to insufficiency

mass consumerism

narcissistic altruism

Influence them or influence me

inflated co-dependency 

device addictivity

Neuronic sensitivity

profane immunity

questioning sexual identity

egocentric religiosity 

sugar addicted atrocities

Luciferian ideologies

Plutonian Philosophies

Hedonistic societies

SOS emergencies 

epidemic lunacy

Cathartic surgeries

feminized masculinity

tantrasized celibacy 

antagonistic virginity

Stop Drop and Roll

Listen to my heart’s scroll: 

You and I 


seek salvation

A entheogenic-generation

halucogenic plantations

Persian Shirazi satiation 

a mystical isolation 

temporal alleviation

from self diagnosed depression 

3 rd world starvation

warring nations

soul incarnations

converging shamanism

consciousness hallucination


Stop breath and smile

A master arrived

as you sought to fly 

we wipe tears dry

Love arrived

dreams became reality

reality became a mentality 

pathways to luminosity

non duality 

an absolute preliminary 

to submit to this visionary

hand in hand 

she opened your spirituality

soul vulnerability


Inner eye awakening

a rescuated heart

trust is the secret

you arrived through experience 

Illogical means

mind discarded

heart unguarded 

ancient ties

soulful cries \

a loyal hegemony 

Doors of ب

Love crossed paths

to show you how


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