I am Liberated

I Am Liberated

Modern day Marjinas

in a land called Democracy 

slaves to the unquenched beast

seeking liberation 

we became enslaved 

to their equation of liberation 

a need to expose flesh 

and we say freedom of press

or shall we say their right to suppress 

to further oppress

They colonize to undress 

under the legislation 

called freedom of rights

permitting X-rated tights 

boots at the stop lights

13 year old drop outs

abducted and inducted

into high-class circles

of Men in Black

with checkered slacks

sold day and night

where children lost their rights

to learn and play

skip rope and play fight

abused and degraded 

with red lips 

lashes masqueraded

we assumed freedom

we are more not less

removing a headdress 

lead us to this mess

worse than Ayyam al Jahilliya

we became executive sex kittens 

with iphones and shaded palettes 

Plastered and contoured 

unbreathable skin

and you say free-dom

rather suffocation

your forgot your right to question 

these distortions of us women

a natural desecration 

to our natural disposition 

we came not to appease 

their standard of false perfection

white supremacy 

gender inequity 

racial audacity 

where lighter is brighter

and a shape defines your worth

this is absurd!

a nation of women 

craving cosmetic alteration 

once again to please 

the tease of men

and you claim freedom? 

the need to stay thin

starved from within 

dismanted beauty 

decided and devised 

by ill intended men

who live in perversion

white collared pedohilia

societal subversions

drug addicted nations

you say this is liberation

from Islamic fanaticism 

think again sister

You’re in delusion 

from Western illusions

that you bought into 

sold by the media 

to create mass confusion 

of mental pollution 

your obedience to their fancy

I question your sanity

pretending to be activists 

assumed leaders and socialists

of a Muslim diaspora

claiming to represent the oppressed 

post traumatic distress 

your rebellion illogical 

your story may be mythological 

a byproduct of a distorted feminist movement 

are we blind with their teargas 

that stripping me lead to slavery

a slave is one who obeys

her Lord’s orders

not to sick men and shades of grey

I am not male muse

nor will I let them abuse

my sacredness and divine honor

I give birth to humanity

I am the secret of creation

I am mind intelligence beauty

I AM spirituality

yet I choose not to be their extramarital affair

eye candy or everyday fantasy 

I’m liberated not subjugated

while I cover consciously 

discarding exposure of size and shape 

akin to visual rape

heels that kill to fulfill 

their glutinous desire 

you’re spiritually ill

like the men at Capitol Hill

to obey like Marjjna

this unquestioned immorality 

of objectifying women 

as carnal deities

can’t you see through this deception 

of sexual suggestions 

of attired pornograpy 

where women walk to men’s talk

yet appear perfectly naked albeit full clothed

keeping male bellies satiated 

in hope to be accepted 

into society sick to the brim

that redefines modesty 

from without to within

true but not absolute

superficialities lead to atrocities 

and female fatalities 

define me not.

no need for such low self worth

I am ONE with Mother Earth

who reminds me 

to flaunt not my body 

to eyes with no sight 

and minds without light

I am sacred 

this is my right

This absolute insanity 

can’t you see through this crazy conspiracy

how we fell bait and prey to

corporate and fashion hypocrisy

democratic falsity

I reiterate again and again

women are sacred 

not slaves to the male matrix

I Am liberated I Am liberated.

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