Meeting My Shadow

Meeting this shadow 

who embraced me like none

inconceivably unconditional 

a lover’s haven 

every cell revived


that illusion of a last meeting

was in-fact a new beginning 

presence denied presence

no-body existed

shadow sought light 

light fused with light

tantric ensemble 

a cosmic dissolution

this is just the beginning 

light fused with light 

existence denied

I remembered we never existed

neither you or I

I remember from that meeting 

shadow was light

Light brings forth shadow

How blind was my sight

Meeting this light

bedazzled by the polarity

all that I repelled 

I love great intensity

you brought me to this state

I bow to this light

of Hu in you

seekers and lovers

seek the beloved

who resides in the unsuspected 

and most hidden ones 

Meeting my many shadows

I entered great valleys

the darkest of cellars 

sages awaited and discreetly hidden

acknowledging the reality

the lie of duality

living ignoring what I failed to embrace

in the presence of my shadows

I fell in love further 

of the years of neglect 

unaware of my reality

I embraced my flaws with 

gentle eyes and playful smiles

you taught me unconditionally

to love what you detest

as only love exists in the presence of love

I drank rejoicing an inner reunion 

where dark and light are only one

this illusion of shadows

a dance called mirage

attempt to sip the mirage of shadows

there you will find Union


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