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An Ashiq’s Game: Maqtal

An Aashiq’s game

the battlefield a stain

your followers, an enviable attain

Imam Zain in pain

Zainab laments pure rain

Asghar Ali in disdain

Sakina trembles ain ain?

Abbas’ body blain

service his only aim!

Ya Hussain!

Ya Hussain!

Shimmer enters hell’s lane

arrows drip dum Hussain

Shah Hast Hussain!

eyes on Zuljana’s mane

your eyes downcast, plain

perfumed corpse in Ishq’s chain

cosmos numb to explain.

.Silence I ascertain.


skies fail to contain

heaven’s wails fail to retain

beyond time, your name again

in every grain

every sip your name!

a lover‘s terrain

a holy campaign

truth and justice twain

from injustice and tyranny we abstain

say not tragedy! are you insane?

no loss only gain

their claims,

how inhumane

with you we remain

our Mawla Hussain

all else mundane

our heart’s breathe:

Ya Hussain

Ya Hussain

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain

Medina to Makkah you came

peace your train

a holy caravain

72 lovers from Haramain

my heart complains

of this pain

driving me insane

You slain?

not in vain!

eternal spirit of Hashemain

Love we feign?

Truth we claim

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain

no blame

to Abel or Cane

Yazeed’s shame

his father insane

a tyrant’s reign

for worldly gain

how vain!

A Language Unveiled

Our independence

became dependent

in totality


to reflect one other

deciphering patterns

when randomness failed

a language unveiled

where words betrayed

a magnificent unveiling

these pages silenced

your absence in equation

nothing revealed

my being depends

upon our existence

I seek reflection

in every moment

where breaths exchange

I inhale only to exhale


The Unknown You

In your remembrance

I was made aware

of how long before

you remembered me

I know not you

by sight or sound

but through

this remembrance

of your essence

a heart to heart

this peculiar affinity

a knowing from eternity

you appeared formless

your name was shown

etched upon your manuscript

It’s cover red sulfur

containing the contained

from a chain of masters

(The Ishraqiyyun)

this repeated remembrance

a surreal consciousness

of art and artisan

engraving my heart

with your name

repeatedly echoing

as Laila to every Majnun

that’s all I know

you by name

in this presence

of the unknown you

I continue to remember

as you continue

to remember me

Entangled in Space

every moment

form transitions to matter

breath a witness

between two worlds

I witness breath

in a realm of knowing

entangled in space

suspended in eternity

with closed eyes

to detract this duality

In Caves and Cafes

Time a mental construct

who can prove that time is limited

to a 24 day cycle

as reality

in another realm

1 day spans 500 years

time is subjective

our discourses over lattes

in caves and cafes





no ago of weeks or days

no sorrow

I am not aware


of the space time claims

to create a false notion

of borders

and malicious veils

romantic fairytales

sung by Layla’s lying eyes

seeking Khais

his reflection appears

upon desert dunes

his face shimmers in the silent sun

was he the sun or an eclipsed moon

Khais reappears time again

in the mirage

beneath widowed palms

of Arabian sands

uttering time is a greater mirage

i am only a reflection