Ya Habibi Ya Hussain

Habibi Ya Hussain

Medina to Makkah you came
peace your train
a holy caravain
72 lovers from Haramain
my heart complains
of this pain
driving me insane
You slain?
not in vain!
eternal spirit of Hashemain
Love we feign?
Truth we claim

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain
no blame
to Abel or Cane
Yazeed’s shame
his father insane
a tyrant’s reign
for worldly gain
how vain!
An Aashiq’s game
the battlefield a stain
your followers, an enviable attain
Imam Zain in pain
Zainab laments pure rain
Asghar Ali in disdain
Sakina trembles ain ain?
Abbas’ body blain
service his only aim!

Ya Hussain!
Ya Hussain!

Shimmer enters hell’s lane
arrows drip dum Hussain
Shah Hast Hussain!
eyes on Zuljana’s mane
your eyes downcast, plain
perfumed corpse in Ishq’s chain
cosmos numb to explain.

.Silence I ascertain.

skies fail to contain
heaven’s wails fail to retain
beyond time, your name again
in every grain
every sip your name!
a lover‘s terrain
a holy campaign
truth and justice twain
from injustice and tyranny we abstain
say not tragedy! are you insane?
no loss only gain
their claims,
how inhumane
with you we remain
our Mawla Hussain
all else mundane
our heart’s breathe:
Ya Hussain
Ya Hussain

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