Archive | January 2020

Estranged Lovers Beyond Time

how about we remove


from the occasion

of narrating

a heart woe

a missed beat

a vanished gaze

the sound of laughter


the moment

as now

collapsing the elapsed

duality of time

i choose constant


in pure consciousness

present in the presence

where time and i

estranged lovers

The Path of The Dost

The Path of The Dost

we become eternal space

a generous field

of simply being

there are no conditions

expectations are illusions

regrets or explanations

guilt or resentment

Be Love

and that is DOST.

Invisibly Present in Presence

when you uttered

i chose silence

as consciousness

aware, empty

invisibly present

as you vocalize

i chose silence

as emptiness

of timeless space

echo resounds

yourself to you

awakening to the reality

of consciousness 

as silence

a longing to return to

my primordial self

i chose silence


Cut from Source


the world of unity

where silence and i

resided as one

sound erupted

breaking our secret

like the reed

i was cut from


and cried upon realization

this entry into light

from layers of darkness

veiling my reality

i was pure consciousness

within you

aware you and i

of each other’s existence

i was your secret

you mine

in this timeless space

i resided in you

you awaited my encounter

and burned in longing

a ring of fire

summoned a manifestation

Universe and I One

do you recall

your formless you

secrets upon scrolls

recited and hymned

embedded every strand

all scriptures within

universe and i


my soul birthed

The She- a portal

between two worlds

a world of unity

a world of duality

a yin yang dance

of light and dark

form and color

separating you and i

memory dissipated

with every breath

i look for the mirror

who reminds me of

forgotten truth

Veiled By Duality

light exposed

our dual nature

where form appeared as reality

i cried realizing the great lie

all is illusion

all vanishing every moment

the impermanence of form

except reality

veiled by duality