Archive | June 2020

Confessions of A Sinner

Love was my only sin

I did nothing but love

In search of Oneness

I became an idol worshipper

In all I saw love and worshipped love

love my sanam

love my bood

love my idol

love my goddess

In my prostrations I see none but you

Unable to arise from this eternal sujood,

where I see and know none but you!

What crime was my crime

except that I love

In that I am killed only to live

Be Drunk in This Dance

The glance of a beloved

is the wine of heaven

be drunk in this dance

As i keenly watch her soul dance

my spirit aroused by love’s fire

reminded of home

I silently read her words

Indeed I am the reed

as so she is

yearning to return

back to source

The Veil Summons the Gazer

between the gazer and the gazed

lays an infinite soul

she lays bare with a chiffon veil

beneath a starry night

moonlight exposes

raw beauty witnesses by the gazed

transparent to the gazer’s eyes

the veil summons her gazer

to look deeper

explore the uncharted

secrets of subject gazed upon

through this gazing ceremony

gazer discovers her essence

she gazes at herself

as none exists but the gazed

Love Arrived Without Notice

love purposefully barges in
without any notice
she breaks doors down
rips through meshed veils
enters and leaves at her own will
she brings wine
to hearts desiring intoxication
seat her on your finest interior
where heart rules
and mind inferior
now drink this drink
while you glare at love