Archive | June 2020

You Came Without Notice

like a lover
you came without notice
like a lover
I became estranged from
food and drink
like a lover
you caused sleepless nights
like a lover
I became absorbed in your love letters
like a lover
you leave abruptly
like a lover I am surrounded
by your memory
like a lover I desire you more

Layla of the Darkest Night

I am the Layla of the darkest night
I am the Layla of the brightest day
every moment Layla
every breath Layla
Layla and Laylatul Qadar
lovers of the night
Khays I am
reading my Layla’s book
My love letter of magnificent
Arabic script

I See Not With This Eye

love shattered all veils of duality
piercing all in existence
what was shown
heart became privy
truth beyond senses
lies beyond words
light beyond manifest darkness
darkness beyond perceived light
unveiling of veils
piercing all in existence
I see not with this eye
except through spirit
where lense and heart
are none but one