Archive | July 2020

In Pursuit of Evolution

As many speak of


normalizing it like vapor

manners became trivial

in pursuit of evolution

public and private

purely contradictory

exposing the nature of

bi polar duality

this egoic evolution

of both speaker and audience

made sense why truth

and truth seekers

became a rarity

leaving numerals as likes

funded by dollars and dinars

as proofs in popularity

confused masses.

true teachers hidden from sight

obscured in the presence

of the loudest and boldest

all in the name of

the pursuit of conscious awakening

leaving the blind to lead the blind

Sleepless Night

sleepless night

until you appeared

the dream realm

where healer and healee

are one

the soul realm

where we first met

the physical realm

where we met once again

Jealousy Consumed Her

i’m jealous of the rosary that touches your hand

i’m jealous of the lips that utter your name

I’m jealous of the eyes that your glance befalls

I’m jealous of the heart that behold your image

Love’s Cruelty


why do you put up

with love’s cruelty

barging in

stealing your gaze

setting your heart on fire

then leave undetected


Our Eyes Never Met

the day goes by

I sought your glance

our eyes never met

night came

i sought your smile

these tragic disappearances

have become her signature

she erupts and disrupts the heart

disappears only to cause

the reed to lament

Sincerity a Rarity

you left prematurely

anticipating a miracle

the moment you left

a miracle appeared

upon it a signature

of the soul you doubted

sincere ones are rare

only leave if you dare