Archive | July 2020

You Drank My Words

I reminisce
more than you could imagine
I miss the unplanned spontaneous

the silent knowing between each pause
while I think
you privy to my thoughts
that failed to utter
when we spoke
you drank my thoughts

straight from my heart
no vessel needed
no explanation required
you knew, know are are
those moments
where i would inhale heaven through you
and smile
feeling your smile
and now
I am the reed
anxious, yearning
separated from
which you remind me of
every moment
these thoughts occupy

Saint or Seductress

dervish or denizen

saint or seductress

artist or avara

dancer or dreamer

missionary or visionary

Zulaikha or Zainab

zindiq or zaania

mushida or murtada

zania or zahida

come come

whoever you are

ours is not a caravan of despair

come, even if you have broken the law

a thousand times

come, yet again, come, come.

To See Who Was Real

on purpose

she disappeared

to see who was real

on purpose

she was silenced

to see who was listening

I revisited myself

my hidden most self

through myself

through you

Poetic Premonitions

poetic premonitions

it was all about you

all these words

for none but you

I was being prepared

to meet the guide

I would never meet

yet she guides me

in every moment

assembling multiple

versions of herself

so to know her

so to know me

these versions pretentious

of your existence

guised beings

my love amplifies

as I uncover you

as you unveil you

every eye you

every breath you

enamored into repose

my heart’s hymn-you

all day long-you

I care not for you to unveil


as form never mattered

in the realm of souls

you’ve enraptured my being

I know none but you

in all you

you in all

Disconnect to Reconnect

these dots connected

then disconnected

to reconnect

on a higher plane

through spirit

our essence



these centrifugal circles

forming light circuits

where hearts spin

in ecstatic dance

a heavenly trance

this order secret

it’s centre our guide

like constellations

we immerse in your light

none but you

none but you