Archive | August 2020

Healed By Her Touch

She appeared to you

as love personified

through love’s gaze

she became love in action

healing the unhealed layers

of trauma and sorrow

she loved you unconditionally

more than blood

she believed in you

like none before

She sees your light

in full glory

you were healed by her touch

like no tomorrow

Love tested your loyalty

becoming paralysis personified

her inability to be

love in action faked her paralysis

to see how real your claimed love was

Sleepless Nights

Time cascaded

to a timeless timeline

I see hooves and dusty clouds

wind absent of breath

a voiceless desert

I enter a tent

of silent murmurs

incantations of devoted lovers

offering water to parched lips

met by refusal and silent sighs

sleepless nights

children’s cries

I question why

beneath a crimson sky

I witness stars lament

a moon in seclusion

concealed in clouds

she cries hussain

as I cry Zainab

I pray for rain

to remove this pain

Euphrates refuses to evaporate

the scorching sun denies shade

a natural paradox

of inverted truths

I bear witness

upon these sands

of ancestral lands

to a timeless era

as I close my eyes

undeniably I was present

as I am now

as a witness to retell the untold

let me remind you

I am a timeless soul

Oceans of Annihilation

between the two

oceans of annihilation

fana if you may

I was asked to stay

to remain still

for those who enter

not by will

but by order

as a keeper

a trustee

a guide

holding space

for those who seek

the secret between

the two oceans of annihilation