Final Act of Jealousy

The Final Act of Jealousy

orchestrated by you

who taught her to love


conspired by you

barring love

as though forbidden

directed by you

scandalizing love

in your scripted satire

assuming the midas touch

her heart; liquid gold

melted by love’s many glances

she questions your jealousy

to possess her solely

she pleads innocent

absent of witness

save her heart

petitioning judge and jury

every love was you

every guise you

cleverly masked

to beguile her being

her  crime

falling in love

with love

with every glance

that befell her heart

a guilty verdict

decreed by you

crushing her existence

a recipe for subsistence

fana to baqa

a theatrical tragedy

devised by you

the Last Act of Jealousy

a life sentence

to solitary confinement

as prisoner of love

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