Sleepless Nights

Time cascaded

to a timeless timeline

I see hooves and dusty clouds

wind absent of breath

a voiceless desert

I enter a tent

of silent murmurs

incantations of devoted lovers

offering water to parched lips

met by refusal and silent sighs

sleepless nights

children’s cries

I question why

beneath a crimson sky

I witness stars lament

a moon in seclusion

concealed in clouds

she cries hussain

as I cry Zainab

I pray for rain

to remove this pain

Euphrates refuses to evaporate

the scorching sun denies shade

a natural paradox

of inverted truths

I bear witness

upon these sands

of ancestral lands

to a timeless era

as I close my eyes

undeniably I was present

as I am now

as a witness to retell the untold

let me remind you

I am a timeless soul

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