Archive | August 2020

Her Name is Dost

This quest for monotheism

lead me to worship love

seeing love in all forms

I became a polytheist

in every prostration

love appeared

who granted you entry

into this chamber

I am the idol of your heart

worship me

as I am reality

appearing through forms

I’ve come through a veil

her name is Dost

On the Day of Ascension

On the day of ascension

I was brought to a sanctuary

the  land of SakinaTabut

your appeared on my heartscape

so I uttered your name

summoning  your soul

the dome, olive trees , stones

travelers and seekers of ascension

all bore witness

to this heart’s testimony

every name that embodied Sakina

was called upon

one by one

in a land sanctified

all bore witness

to this heart’s testimony

every name that



was called upon

one by one

my voice reached you

beyond land and ocean

you knocked

I responded

finally you arrived

Love Caused the Pain

She became mute

questioning love’s cruelty

who tied her in chains

as a prisoner of love

love caused the love

love caused the pain

love selfishly relished

to watch her heart bleed

desiring her to herself


the prisoner pleaded

saying all is but you

in all I saw you

so why this jealousy

love mocked her

saying I want you

all to myself

it gives me pleasure

to watch your heart tend

to victims I send

causing two hearts

to separate and break

as I partake

for Laila’s sake

how cruel she replied

but why oh why

love replied

your heart is my prey

I am the predator

why would I share a pure

heart so sweet

with anyone else but myself

Final Act of Jealousy

The Final Act of Jealousy

orchestrated by you

who taught her to love


conspired by you

barring love

as though forbidden

directed by you

scandalizing love

in your scripted satire

assuming the midas touch

her heart; liquid gold

melted by love’s many glances

she questions your jealousy

to possess her solely

she pleads innocent

absent of witness

save her heart

petitioning judge and jury

every love was you

every guise you

cleverly masked

to beguile her being

her  crime

falling in love

with love

with every glance

that befell her heart

a guilty verdict

decreed by you

crushing her existence

a recipe for subsistence

fana to baqa

a theatrical tragedy

devised by you

the Last Act of Jealousy

a life sentence

to solitary confinement

as prisoner of love

Every Version of You

we are a living revelation

the past pointless

in our oneness now

every version of you

exposes you

states of consciousness

ever changing

varying forms


as you evolve

and witness you

pay attention

to these reflections

as they appear

and vanish