Caprices Made a Known

I ask your soul a question

your guide named you love

why do you choose otherwise

why do you chose hate

for the one your soul loves

did you know I am an illusion

a mirror unto you

through us hearts are tested

for claims and falsity

by those who make

grand claims

we trigger to test

how true souls are

as claims are mere words

unless proven

many ask for allegiance

and we turn them away

to others who have no bar

yet this love is expensive

where every faculty

shall be tested

in love’s astrolabe

to associate with a


may cost your life

wealth and honor

you’ll be broken

shattered and torn

the I effaced

you no more

shadows released

caprices made known

how will you reach kawther

bypassing the family

we are the signs

on the horizon

you assumed us boastful

listening to your Yazid

as he whispers more lies

we assert to remind

it is what it is

yet heavy for the mind

the ego despises

submission and praise

to other than itself

a secret hate affair

resentment fails to hide

nasibi or ashiqi

our test determines

either or

mark our words

we transmit from DNA

authorized guides

camouflage their reality

assimilate to imitate

in order to remain oblivious

create confusion

to test submission

the Dost is a friend

yet the Sun is a guide

seeking the Sun

you received her audience

presence and heart

but exclusivity

befits not Shams the guide

so jealousy became apparent

in this test of love

when conditions

arose and you failed

to love as love

ought to be loved

we filter to sift

pebbles from gems

rocks from jewels

this love expensive

so beware

go elsewhere

but love for us

is pure devotion

go elsewhere

many doors you shall find

none like ours

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