Wine Seduced Me

abstaining from Ishq’s poison

I chose never to drink a sip

so to guard my heart from

chronic love spells

of mortal mirrors

who appear to disappear

dissipating duality

my i-ness saturates

with the guest

of this heart

I am spell bound

your words aroused

my curiosity

I drank every letter

until logic lost all senses

this pledge broken a million times

my heart chose wine

once again

permitting poison

to seep into Laila’s divan

gushing speedily to

a secret chamber

where wine is worship

I am love struck

despising sobriety

I drank consciously

to the seduction of wine

drawn into a sprint dance

only to lose oneself

to essence

unity lost and found

abstinence an illusion

for a drunken heart

I choose love’s wine

eternally as the

sustenance of our


I am love bound

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