The Journey Has Begun

Two rivers merge as one

in the presence of the sun

where two equals one

the sum of one is none

is she the future me

a sign of how to Be

is she the key to my

forgotten ancestry

we wonder with

sheer curiosity

as the crescent arrives

within certainty

moon of muharram

I bow to thee

verily we are Hussaini

she marks the awaited destiny

of asserting progeny

of a Makkan Badawi

commissioned to Mali

to marry a Senegali

a scholar a mystic

a Hussaini statistic

Sukina’s young spirit

trained in his presence

of noble eminence

on travels and sermons

over Saharan sands

and Tuareg lands

lessons on demand

Sukina a soul mistress

light work her business

eloquence granted

from Masters of Grace

her message beyond

color and race

she arrives by command

to a Fatimi base

designed to efface

women of grace

guides of inner space

by a Zainabi embrace

to the select and elect

I’m here to double check

to perfect and object

light absence of them

we outright reject

come one

come all

to the rivers of Fatima

Lee Khamsatun

Utfi Beha Harral Waba’il


Al Mustafa wal Murtaza

Wab’naa Huma

wal Fatima

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