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The Ruins of The Annihilates

I hear you
I long to enter your city
the ruins of the annihilates
of love
the lovers who destroyed
for love
those who worshipped love
I shall visit their abodes
and sit in silence
I shall collect the sand from their
resting places
to mix in your pure waters
and drink till intoxication
overpowers my being

God; A Jealous Lover

I conclude that longing is a death in itself

I do conclude the God is a jealous lover

How many a time has He caused me to fall in love

With his friends and beloveds

Glimpses of Him

Shades of his radiance

Causing my heart to melt 

In the lover

I became lover and beloved

Every single time

You caused me to love madly 

What I detested most

All that I resisted I embraced with passion

flames engulfed consuming my breath

My being in set to fire

This tease of the heart

Where the lover appears 

As a guest 

Masked in absolute pretence

A blatant lie claiming to stay awhile 

The lover carved her name 

On the walls of my being

Her breath heard all day and night

I know only one breath

The inhale and exhale with the lover

Yet the beloved nowhere in sight

Haunted by an empty room

I see her dreamy eyes in every glance

Why do you prefer to torture 

A fool 

The wise must be imprisoned

Not the naive like this one

Her aroma lingers 

Perfuming my sighs

Embalmed in this love

Only to be emptied

I ask you why

Over and over shamelessly 

I fell for one after the other

Seeking You

By the tease of the lover

You are the cause and the effect 

Of my heart trauma

It seems you take pleasure

In the pain of a lover

Is that why you created fire

Consumed are the lovers

In earthly flames 

So you may purify me with tears

Plunge me into the ocean of love

To be drowned eternally

In your waters

Heaven’s Breeze

I am admiring the view 

of your soul 

as I think of you

you appear instantly

your glance and smile

heaven’s breeze

I am admiring the view 

of myself through you

Journey From Myself to Myself

In this journey 

From myself to myself

Is an unveiling

Layers of me that remained 

Strangers all my life

I am uncovering the unknown

Rooms that exist within 

Estranged I was 

To my own abode

Unaware who resided within

In this journey from myself to myself 

I am lead to caves within

That await my entry

To discover guides 

Assigned to my soul

One by one 

As I delve deeper

As I approach these 

Illuminated being

Who smile in silence 

Who teach through breath

And guide by  gentle whispers

On this journey from myself to myself

I am unraveling the unlimited 

Versions of one

These versions appear 

As guests of the heart

Yet in this journey I have learned that every guest 

Is none but me

All that exists within 

Is none but me

Every guide disguised

Is none but me

In this journey I know and realize

All is one and one is all

I am me and you are me 

No reality but one.

Abandon Literalism

why was it that when you gave up literalism

in the name of liberalism

you continue to judge words

and images

just because you failed

to understand

the possible unlimited


contained within

knowing full well

that we are not absolute beings

as far as comprehension

is concerned

Wine of Shiraz

poetic being

do not hasten to express

allow emotion to ferment

at times repress

to compoud the effect

in the cellar of your heart

the aged wine of Shiraz

compares not

with the Chardonnay of


then seek permission

from the soul

to pour as Saqi

your wine in words

to the guests

of your Divaan

There Are No Goodbyes

The pain was not

about your departure

into the realm of eternity

rather the inability

to say goodbye

that one last glance

a smile, your voice

anything would do

before you left

without a hint

as vapor vanishes


Every time I missed you

I assumed tomorrow

tomorrow never came

today a messenger

approached me

whispering your name

he said you’ve left

into the abode of eternity

Mevlana tells us

there are no goodbyes

but my heart feels otherwise

if I could reach out

to grasp your hand

embrace you

to see you smile

crossing the veils of

eternal miles

I would.

Oh beloveds who love

who know not but love

in this path we call love

wait not for tomorrow

to view the moon or sun

as all is now

express your heart

to everyone

when you meet and part

consider this counsel

as an oath in eternity

from the one who failed

to say goodbye

I Owe You Nothing But Love

How about you dance

on the bare sands

to my heart beat

while I drift

into a trance

let the stars

be a witness

while the moon

seeks her mistress

you kept her awake

loosing sleep

sleepless nights

who owes who