There Are No Goodbyes

The pain was not

about your departure

into the realm of eternity

rather the inability

to say goodbye

that one last glance

a smile, your voice

anything would do

before you left

without a hint

as vapor vanishes


Every time I missed you

I assumed tomorrow

tomorrow never came

today a messenger

approached me

whispering your name

he said you’ve left

into the abode of eternity

Mevlana tells us

there are no goodbyes

but my heart feels otherwise

if I could reach out

to grasp your hand

embrace you

to see you smile

crossing the veils of

eternal miles

I would.

Oh beloveds who love

who know not but love

in this path we call love

wait not for tomorrow

to view the moon or sun

as all is now

express your heart

to everyone

when you meet and part

consider this counsel

as an oath in eternity

from the one who failed

to say goodbye

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