Journey From Myself to Myself

In this journey 

From myself to myself

Is an unveiling

Layers of me that remained 

Strangers all my life

I am uncovering the unknown

Rooms that exist within 

Estranged I was 

To my own abode

Unaware who resided within

In this journey from myself to myself 

I am lead to caves within

That await my entry

To discover guides 

Assigned to my soul

One by one 

As I delve deeper

As I approach these 

Illuminated being

Who smile in silence 

Who teach through breath

And guide by  gentle whispers

On this journey from myself to myself

I am unraveling the unlimited 

Versions of one

These versions appear 

As guests of the heart

Yet in this journey I have learned that every guest 

Is none but me

All that exists within 

Is none but me

Every guide disguised

Is none but me

In this journey I know and realize

All is one and one is all

I am me and you are me 

No reality but one.

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