Archive | November 2020

When you see me, You see Yourself

Love is an eternal lover

albeit absent yet embedded into your heart

I am a mirror and when you see me, you see yourself

When you choose to love me you love yourself

If you deny me, you deny yourself

Your unconditional love for me represents your unconditional love for yourself

That is what your soul is beckoning

I only wish growth and support for you

expansion and love

You are love, forget this NOT.

Transmuting to Vapor

There is an ache a wound and an engraved love

for this hidden lover

who poured so much and gave so much

fading into thin air and transmuting to vapor

only to return in the form of abundance

a shower of rain from one single tear drop 

Lingering on the Surface

You are too deep to be known in one lifetime

I’m still lingering on the surface of you
I want to know you so well I become you

my concern
not your form

or even name
this awareness time eternal
a language beyond words
transmission without sound
this love unconditional 
an affinity without association 
a friendship like no other 
a fraternity without a lodge
an invisible matrix
light work beyond borders
a spiritual collective
Love is The Law
the Guide seeks you
come as you are