A Loyalist Is Tested

The emotional absence
a test of your resilience
when love remained conditional
love too was temporary 
a loyalist is tested 
a lover is tested
love is magical 
love becomes ugly
love is the greatest irony
so waters may be tested
for purity and false claims 
filtered and sifted 
as sand to water
remain with Laila
depart like Shams
battle her like Yazid 
proclaim like Hallaj
Jacob’s separation 
an inevitable reunion
of a torn shirt and tears
where sorrow left fear
pure bliss, now drink
a sip from Kawther
for Alchemized hearts 
none but the elect 
this fountain of purity
for lovers of unity 
transformed to gold
this emotional absence
the absence illusory
presence remains eternal 
with souls of our fraternity 

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